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  • December 2009:
  • Irish English bilingual feature,
  • English translation implementation.
  • September 2009:
  • Joomla CMS,
  • Web design,
  • Web development,
  • Domain name management,
  • Content integration,
  • Website Hosting. was set up for a small rural film club, operating in South Conamara. It has proved to a most efficient and cost effective method of providing information, to a dispersed target audience. Visitors to the site can view a trailer to the next film, due to be shown by the film club. This has proved a great attraction for our members and our target audience and has resulted in a boost in membership of the club and in awareness about it. As a result we are getting bigger audiences for the films, which has led to increased revenue for the club, thereby ensuring its viability.

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Treasurer of Club Scannan

Web Design

image We design multilingual websites, corporate or brand websites.

Depending on how often you want to update your content, we use Joomla! ® as a CMS (Content Management System) to give you the autonomy you need.

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image Dan Dwyer
Club Scannan committee

« I was amazed by the website designed by Hervé Boinnard for our film club. We needed a simple and effective way of pointing our potential members to the films we show each season and give them a brief outline of the storyline along with a clip to the film. The website Hervé designed for us looks fantastic, is easy to follow and best of all the default home page changes to the particular film we are to be showing next. Magic! »

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